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Industrial Equipment

We are applying our ultrasonic research to a variety of fields within the industrial equipment sector.
Cleaners(Ultrasonic washers), machining tools(ultrasonic welders), measuring equipment, flow meter, and so forth, have proven their use under various conditions.
And new applications in the areas of ultrasonic reactor(maturity)and power dynamics(motors) hold great promise for future success.
Our Industrial Instruments Division works with over 500 ultrasonic elemental technologies to develop and market state-of-the-art products.
And in joint research with clients in a variety of fields, we are furthering our goals by designing the industrial instruments of tomorrow.


  • Ultrasonic Cleaners

    This category includes below equipment
    - Table top cleaners
    - Industrial ultrasonic generators
    - Megasonic Generators

  • Measurement Equipment

    This category includes below equipment
    - Level Meters
    - Interface Level Meters
    - Flow meters
    - Depth Sounders

  • Ultrasonic Power Tools

    This category includes below equipment
    - Ultrasonic Cutters
    - Ultrasonic welders

Industrial Equipment TEL:81-532-41-2774