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HUS-3 | Portable Sonic Monitor
[Ultrasonic Cleaners]


  • Rechargeable battery enables "work anywhere"
    (operating time: 10 hour)
  • Simply put sensor tip in the liquid to measure.
    (display in mV)
  • Sensor senses wide band of ultrasonic vibration from 10 kHz to 5 MHz.

  • HUS-3 専用ケース Carrying case is included i the package.

  • Daily maintenance
  • Quality control
  • Testing purpose

  • HUS-3使用シーン

    Place the tip of the senor rod into liquid or flow, the power level of ultrasonic vibration will be shown on the front meter. The value is averaged voltage from the sensor and is not acoustic intensity in dB. 
    ・Calibration cannot be performed for this equipment.
    ・This equipment provides relative values, and not absolute values.
    ・This equipment could fail if it is set up to perform continuous operation.


Main Unit
Model No. HUS-3
Frequency range
10kHz to 5MHz
Power input
Dedicated lithium ion battery
14.8V DC, 1.5 W
Measurement range
10 / 50 / 100 / 500 mV
Meter indication values Sensor detection voltage (mV) rms
Dimensions (WxDxHmm)
179 × 132 × 55
640 g (including battery)
Included accessaries :
AC adapter for charging
Dedicated lithium ion battery
list1 Operating temperature range : 5 to 40℃
list1 AC adapter for charging : Power input 100-240VAC, 50/60 Hz
list1 Options : Point sensing cover, Charging stand

Sensor (Quartz type)
Model No. HUS-5 SPS HUS-5 SPL
Material (rod)
Quartz glass
Length (mm)
260 (L shape part 80)
80 g
Incompatible liquids Heated strong alkaline
Hot phosphoric acid
Hydrofluoric acid
list1 Liquid temperature range : 0 to 70℃

Sensor (SUS type)
Model No. HUS-5 SUS HUS-5 SUL
Straight L-shape
Material (rod) SUS316L
Length (mm) 340
260 (L shape part 80)
Weight 140 g
Incompatible liquid Any acids
list1 Liquid temperature range : 0 to 70℃

 Point sensing cover (Option)
*Cover for pinpointing the location to measure (for straight type only)
*Contact us if you wish to install or remove the point sensing cover

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