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WV-231S | Ultrasonic cleaner with decompression chamber
[Ultrasonic Cleaners [ Laboratory, Office use ]]


For the difficult condition even for the ultrasonic cleaner such as rigidly contacted plate-like parts or long blind holes, ultrasonic power with decompression can solve the problems.
Cavitation effect can be strengthened with decompression field.
Automatically repeat decompression and pressure recovery cycle and is effective for removal of stains.

Benefit of decompression cleaner

Sample data
wv-231s cleaning deta

Delicate precision parts
Through-hole PCB
Blind holes
Hard Disk Drive mechanical parts
Fine art crafts
Ceramic filters


Model No.WV-231S
Oscillation mode Single frequency oscillation
Rated output 250 W
Nominal output frequency 40kHz
Power input 100 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 500 VA
External 382x367x440
(including rubber feet)
inside tank  280x220x254 (12 L)
Drain valve Rc 1/2
Weight 35 kg
●Maximum liquid temperature: 70℃
●Transducer : Bolt-clamped Langevin type
●Timer: 0 to 60 min. (1 min. step)
●Decompression capability : -75 kPa *May vary depending on liquid depth.
●Switching of decompression/normal pressure : 1 cycle (45 seconds of decompression/15 seconds of normal pressure)
●Power cable length : 2m
●Materials (tank) : SUS304, (Lid) : SUS304
●Options : Cleaning basket (KG15F), Beaker rack (BR06)

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